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Energy-Efficient Lighting Installed at Bishop Markham


Bishop Markham Village, the 1955 development located on Gorham St, is now the "shining star" of the Lowell Housing Authority thanks to a new lighting project. This project, which kicked off at the end of August, involves the replacement of all 82 light poles and fixtures throughout the development. Of these 82 lightpoles, approximately 60 are 10 foot high and 22 are 16 foot high types. 

As work began to replace the aging steel poles and high pressure sodium bulb fixtures, the immediate benefits were impressive to see in the way of energy savings. Using the latest generation of LED bulbs, there is an 8,000 watt difference between the sum of the old fixtures and the new LED fixtures. Along with this impressive savings, these new fixtures feature all aluminum construction and a tough powder coated finish. Untouchable by rust, the lifespan of these poles and fixtures offer substantial benefits to the LHA and residents of BMV alike. 
With lighting an important part of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles, the additional brightness of these new lights are having an impact already: Residents and staff alike are noticing suspicious persons are no longer hanging around the previously dimly lit areas now that the new lights are in. The message is clear- Bishop Markham Village is a development where residents can enjoy a night time stroll or dog walk with the safety and security of brightly lit walkways and lawns.