March 13, 1980

The LHA established plans to design secure lobbies at Bishop Markham Village to protect residents from crime View article
July 3, 1980 The state Executive Office of Communities and Development approves a contract to build a 3,000 sq. ft. community center at Julian D. Steele View article
March 13, 1980 The LHA Board of Commissioners approved a motion to name the Hildreth Street development project in the honor of Father Morrissette, who had been heavily involved in the community for over 50 years View article
October 15, 1980 The LHA is awarded more than $1M for energy upgrades to its housing developments, particularly for improvement to the Julian D. Steele development View article
September 24, 1981 Bishop Markham Village gets a makeover with the installation of new roofs, heating system upgrades, landscaping, and emergency upgrades to fire and safety equipment View article
June 30, 1982 The LHA gets approval to build family housing in the Acre Neighborhood of Lowell View article




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