July 18, 1950 LHA offers preference to Lowell veterans for new housing project View Article
March 18, 1951 Members of the Lowell's municipal government and the Lowell Housing Authority raise flag christening the Authority's new veteran's housing View Article
Summer, 1952 Children living in the Authority's North Common Village and Gorham Street housing developments have some summer fun View Article
January 27, 1953 Gorham Street Housing project named in memory of Bishop Thomas F. Markham View Article
November 10, 1957 A view from Bishop Markham View Article
January 4, 1958 The LHA’s Bishop Markham Village, a 372-unit development complex opens for occupancy View Article

April 16, 1958              

City of Lowell Mayor, Samuel Pollard, requires Lowell Board of Commissioners to submit meeting minutes to the Mayor’s Office View Article
August 17, 1958 Raymond P. Bourgeois named to the Lowell Housing Authority Board, replacing the late Arthur L. Turcotte View Article
September 25, 1958   The LHA's first State Sponsored public housing is built on Cambridge, Hale, Pleasant and Aiken Streets (63 units) designed for elderly residents View Article 

















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