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Robert McMahon


Message from the Chairperson:

"It is an honor to be elected Chairperson of the Lowell Housing Authority Board of Commissioners. I want to thank my colleagues on the Board for the confidence and support that they have given me which I take very seriously. This is my second term as Chairperson, working with the Executive Director, Gary Wallace, administrative staff and maintenance union.  There is a lot to accomplish in 2017, and the Lowell Housing Authority has a great story to tell the residents of Lowell.  I am looking forward to everyone rowing the boat in the same direction to make good things happen in 2017." Chairperson McMahons term will expire January 14, 2020.


Vice Chairperson

Ms. Peou works as a Counselor for the Housing Consumer Education Program at Community Teamwork, Inc. In addition she works for M.D. Realty as a licensed real estate agent. Ms. Peou’s main interest is giving back to the community and trying to help people, particularly young families.  Her term runs through December 31, 2018.



Patricia Sullivan Talty

Attorney Patricia Sullivan Talty received her law degree from Suffolk University Law School and, with her husband Francis, started the Talty & Talty firm. For over 30 years Patricia has been representing clients throughout Massachusetts in all of the firm's practice areas, with a concentration in Real Estate law. She was the President of the Greater Lowell Bar Association in 2000-2001 and has been a member of the adjunct faculty at the University of Massachusetts Lowell from 1996 to the present. Patricia also finds time to help her community and has been involved in various charities and legal work outside of the firm. Her community involvement includes being a member of the Executive Board for the House of Hope, the Lowell Community Health Center, the Acre Family Child Care, and now the Board of Commissioners of the Lowell Housing Authority. She is also involved with the Wish Project and is on the Middlesex Community College Paralegal Advisory Board. Patricia and Francis have been authors for West Publishing since 1995 and write Methods of Practice for Massachusetts Practice. Her term expires on June 30, 2019.

Rosaline J. Willie-Bonglo Rosaline J. Willie-Bonglo is a member of the Lowell Housing Authority Board of Commissioners having served since August of 2006 as the LHA's tenant representative to the Board of Commissioners. She has also served as a Board Member of the Residents First Development Corporation, a non-profit corporation focused on first time homebuyer opportunities. Rosaline has had a varied work career with past positions working for Casey Family Services as a Parent Aide assisting families on enhancing their parenting skills. In addition, she has managed a homework club at the Family Resource Center for youth who need assistance with schoolwork. She originated from Sierra Leone and has also lived in London, England, Washington, D.C. and Lowell, Mass. Her interests are in improving services and programs for LHA residents.  Her term expires on December 28, 2020.
Matt Marr is a lifelong resident of the City of Lowell, and current resident of the Centerville section of the city.  He comes to the Authority with 15 years of experience in masonry construction, and has performed work at several high-profile sites across the city.  Mr. Marr currently serves as an Executive Officer for the Massachusetts Bricklayers and Allied Craftsman, Massachusetts Local 3, and a delegate for the Central Labor Council.  Since 2004, Mr. Marr has also been a member of the Greater Lowell Technical High School Advisory Board Committee. His term with Lowell Housing Authority expires in 2021.