Dr. Gary K. Wallace, Executive Director, announces the LHA has received some of the highest scores to date on the HUD REAC Inspections and HUD SEMAP scores for the most recent fiscal year.
The scores for the recent REAC Inspections conducted at all Federal Developments, beginning in October 2011 and concluding in January 2012 are listed by AMP, and are shown below:

AMP 1                                                96 %
AMP 2                                                87 %
AMP 3                                                94 %
AMP 4                                                94 %
AMP 5                                                94 %

Dr. Wallace states, “these are some of the highest scores received by the Lowell Housing Authority to date and can only be attributed to a tremendous effort on the part of all staff involved in the process. Many staff members demonstrated extra effort to ensure that preparation work for these critical inspections was thoroughly completed. I am very proud of the way that staff at all levels, especially our maintenance crew, worked together to meet our common goal of attaining a high score. The quality of the work performed at each AMP is reflected in these scores and I congratulate you on your achievement.”
The LHA’s scores for your recent SEMAP submission for fiscal year 2011 are as follows:

            Points Earned:            130  (of a possible 135 points)            Overall Score:            96
            Overall Rating:          High Performer
This is also one of the highest SEMAP score received by the Lowell Housing Authority to date.  Dr. Wallace states, “this can only be attributed to a tremendous effort on the part of all staff members in the Division of Leased Housing Programs. SEMAP measures the performance of the Authority in all major functional areas of the Section 8 Program. This includes the timeliness of HQS inspections and annual recertification of income, the proper calculation of tenant rent portions, and the completion of initial and annual Rent Reasonableness Certifications.”   
Wallace states, “I am very proud of the way that staff at all levels worked together to meet their common goal of scoring well. The efficient work performed by each staff member is a testament to the scores received by the Agency. A celebratory lunch will be held this spring for all staff and individuals will be recognized for their outstanding contributions.”